Request an Itinerary

 Request an itinerary

Are you planning a big trip, and aren’t sure where to start, or do you just have a city break coming up and don’t know how to start filling your days?

Has Anyone Been To…? can help.

Let us be you travel planner! Think of us like a wedding planner, but for adventure. We won’t go off and buy a flight for you, just like a wedding planner won’t go out and hire a venue. What we can do is present you with a list of flight options, explain the differences in content and cost, and then guide you on booking it yourself.

You can email us ( or fill in the contact form below to request any amount of planning. We will charge a fixed fee to cover our time being your travel planner, starting from just £20, but of course it’s free to inquire about our services.

  • A full service.
    We can find out everything for you. Just let us know your preferences, be it as specific as wanting to go to Italy in May to as vague as you like windsurfing, and we can come up with itinerary suggestions for you. We can create a complete day-by-day itinerary, price everything up for you and tell you where to book everything to get it that cheaply. Whatever you want, we can create it.
  • A suggested itinerary.
    These can be big or small. If you know you want to travel around South East Asia in April, we can put together a suggested route, with recommended sights to see and towns to stay in, as well as information on how to book your transport, and where the bus stops are.
    Alternatively, if you already have your route planned out, we can provide tips to fill your days, and information on what’s open when.

What we are not
  • We are not a travel agent.
    If you want someone to book a flight and a hotel and send you on your way, visit your local Tui and let them do that for you. We will not send everyone to the same resort because we have a contract with them. We will not book anything for you ourselves.
  • We are not a tour operator.
    A good tour operator will talk you through your plans, build you an itinerary and be genuinely invested in giving you a great holiday. However, at the end, they present you with a single bill which you cannot get broken down. We will price each element for you, so you can see exactly how you need to budget. We will provide details on how to book everything, but we will not book this trip for you ourselves. If you do not want the responsibility of booking your own travel elements, we recommend using a reputable tour operator. We will charge a small, fixed sum for our work in putting this together for you.