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Want to share your top tips with the world? Do you have an incredible story you’re burning to tell? Are you the master of planning and know all the best short cuts and helpers? And are you looking for paid for travel writing opportunities?

Then we want to hear from you!

Pitch us your best idea in an email (writeforus@hasanyonebeento.com) or via the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’re looking for three main kinds of article:

  • Something really different. If you want to tell us about the latest cocktail bar in London, it’s got to be pretty darn special to make it here . I want a full circus, waiters in fancy dress and a refusal to accept the same currency twice. If you know of places like this, we want articles telling us why we should go there and why we would like it.

  • Details, details, details. If you enjoy the more standard things in life, and get joy from visiting the big museums and the famous sights, that’s great too. There’s a reason everyone goes to see the Parthenon- it’s incredible! But for an article about an already famous icon to be accepted, you need to be an expert on it.
    We don’t need to hear that we should visit St Paul’s Cathedral when we go to London, we already know that. But if you do know exactly when we should go, how much it costs, when the choir will be singing and that secret sculpture around the back that no one else knows about, tell us too!
    To put it simply, an article about a famous place needs to help people who are almost certainly already planning to go there.

  • An unbelievable story. If you have a tale to tell that would make Bill Bryson laugh would impress Paul Theroux, tell us. These stories don’t need details, but they do need plenty of character and life. Good quality photos are also a huge help, but not compulsory.

At the moment, we make no money from Has Anyone Been To…? so we can’t pay full magazine rates. Having said that, we hate people writing for nothing and think all people should be paid for travel writing, so depending on the length of the article, we aim to give a token amount as a thank you.